Tower Fans

Tower fans, while oscillating on their stationary base, distribute air in multiple directions at a 90 degree angle and that’s what makes them very effective and efficient for keeping you cool during hot summer days. When it comes to cooling small- to medium-sized living areas, they are great alternative to expensive portable air conditioners.

In addition, by using a tower fan instead of a portable air conditioner, you will keep your electricity bill down.

Besides the benefits of tower fans mentioned above, here are some more:


1) Sleek Vertical Design

The sleek vertical design of tower fans is one of their greatest attributes. Their thin, vertical shape allows them to be used in the areas where portable air conditioners and fan units are not able to fit.

2) Portable

Most of the full-size tower fans weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, which makes them very easy to move around. If all you want and can afford is one tower fan, then you can easily move it from your living room to your bedroom and vice versa.

3) Quiet

Most of tower fans are designed to be as quiet as possible, while at the same time delivering the maximum amount of air. Some models boast a whisper quiet operation called “Library Quiet.”

4) Easy to Operate

Most of tower fans offer easy-to-use and beneficial features such as a fully-functional remote control, an LCD display with push button control, and a cooling timer with an auto shut-off mode.

Important points to consider when choosing a tower fan:


1) Coverage Area

For larger areas, you need to consider a tower fan that can deliver a higher power of air circulation; this includes air volume and air speed. When you are cheeking specifications, you need to look for the specified area of coverage. Also, some tower fan specifications will list their CFM rating (CFM stands for cubic feet per minute). Some will list this rating under “Air Volume.” The stronger the CFM rating, the better the air circulation is. Also, look for an “Air Speed” rating as well. Keep in mind that most extra tall tower fans are capable of producing a higher volume of air flow. An excellent example is the Vornado 184 Tower Fan.

2) All-in-One Tower Fans

You may also want to consider all-in-one tower fans. For a little bit of extra money, you can get tower fans that can serve as air coolers, air circulators, air purifiers (built-in ionizers), and humidifiers at the same time. An air purifier will refresh your room and eliminate particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. These tower fans are equipped with water tanks, which enhance cooling. On a very hot day, you can add some ice to the water tank to improve cooling effect. An excellent example is the NewAir AF-310 tower cooling fan.

Disadvantages of Tower Fans:

The key disadvantage of tower fans is that they don’t come with a cooling power of portable air conditioners, especially when it comes to cooling down larger living areas.

If you live in an area with very hot summers, you may want to consider using a portable air conditioner for cooling larger areas and a tower fan for smaller areas or portable use.

If you’re looking for a stylish and elegant tower fan, check some of tower fan images first to try to visualize which one will be the best fit for your room.