Crane EE-5605 Oscillating Tower Fan

A tower fan soothes and cools air during hot summer days, and most tower fans are designed to satisfy your specific needs. This article will consider some features of one of the most compact tower fans available on the market, the Crane EE-5605 Oscillating Tower Fan. Aside from some of its features, we will also consider some customer reviews for this tower fan.

The features of Crane EE-5605 Oscillating Tower Fan that we are going to discuss include its design, operation, and control and added functionality.

The main feature of Crane EE-5605 Oscillating Tower Fan is its ability to keep your room at a comfortable temperature despite taking only a small amount of your room space. The compact, sleek, and modern design of this tower fan will fit any corner, place, and decor in your room.


One customer commented that Crane EE-5605 “adds nicely and discretely to the room decoration”.

This tower fan is designed to operate with minimal noise and to produce whisper quiet cool air for your room. You can use it while reviewing your notes or studying, while sleeping, and during the times that you want to have a noise free environment.

One customer review states that “The fan adds enough circulation and it’s not noticeable.”
As an oscillating tower fan, Crane EE-5605 provides wider air distribution in your room. You will also be able to choose between three speed settings, including a natural breeze function. Additionally, this tower fan is equipped with heavy-duty motor to provide you years of worry-free operation.

Control and Added Functionality
Aside from its manual control panel, Crane EE-5605 Oscillating Tower Fan is equipped with a remote control, so you can access the functions of this tower fan anywhere in your room with ease. This tower fan is also equipped with multifunction LCD display, indicating your room temperature, speed setting, time, day, and date. The only problem that you might encounter is the fact that you have to use batteries to power up its LCD panel, but that is just a minor flow that you can easily solve.


Also, if you want to have noise in your room every morning to wake you up, you can set the alarm clock equipped on this tower fan for this task.

Overall, we can conclude that Crane EE-5605 Oscillating Tower Fan is one of the best tower fans that you can use in your room because of its design, whisper quiet operation, and added functionality. And, aside from home usage, this tower fan is also recommended for office use because of its elegant and sleek design.