V-Flow Circulation of Vornado Tower Fans

Vornado Tower Fans such as Vornado 184 Tower Fan is designed to produce cool air using its patented V-Flow Circulation. This article will speak about the V-Flow Circulation featured by Vornado Tower Fans and the advantages of this technology compared to other tower fans available in the market.


Unlike conventional and typical Tower Fans that oscillate and let you feel cool air momentarily, Vornado Tower Fans are designed to create a wide span of constant air flow. This performance is made possible by the V-Flow Circulation, an air flow technology enabling Vornado Tower fans to circulate comfortable air on your whole room to cool it down.

Traditional tower fans need to oscillate (move or swing) from side to side to circulate cool air due to their limited range of air flow. Since traditional tower fans are designed with slender body, oscillation will leave the tower fans to wobble and the high centre of gravity will leave the tower fans less stable compared to floor fans. The oscillation angle can also be adjusted to control the air flow direction and distribution, but again, the air distribution is not constant and you will only feel the cool air produced by oscillating tower fans when the air flow angle is towards your position. Additionally, the oscillation adds to the noise produce by oscillating tower fans, and the produced noise also depends on the speed of the tower fans, the higher the speed, the louder the noise produced.

On the other hand, Tower Fans powered by V-Flow Circulation don’t need to oscillate or these tower fans are really not designed to oscillate just to distribute air to cool down your room or office. Without the feature of oscillation, there is no need for you to worry about the stability of your Tower Fans. The V-Flow Circulation eliminates the need for oscillation since the air is being directed by distinct air outlets for balanced or proper air distribution for the whole room/office. You can imagine the pleasing results of this technology by checking the design of Vornado Tower Fans, most especially the contoured air outlets.


The absence of oscillation doesn’t mean that Vornado tower fans will not produce noise, but this only mean that you will not have the annoying noise produce by Oscillating tower fans. You will have cool and comfortable whisper quiet air starting from the lowest speed level, but if you want to cool a busier and larger place, you can try the highest speed level. You must expect that the higher the speed level, the louder the noise produced by Vornado tower fans. On contrary and to emphasize, Vornado fans are far quieter compared to Oscillating tower fans because of the absence of oscillation noise.

Vornado tower fans are also one of the Tower Fans with Remote Control, so you can have an instant access to their features throughout your room. Also, Vornado tower fans are also professionally designed to fit your room or office as additional furniture. So, overall, Vornado tower fans with their patented V-Flow Circulation are one of the top choices that you can pick and choose from.